Frans Veldman

I left the Netherlands in 2018 with a self sufficient sailing catamaran to the South Pacific. Currently anchoring in French Polynesia. Loves nature, uninhabited islands, science, globalists, environmentalists.

Born in the Netherlands when average CO2 was about 320 ppm. Married to Ilona Kooistra. Two children.

Author, Publisher, Private pilot, ocean sailor, scuba diver, radio amateur, horse trainer, airplane builder (PH-DIY), software & hardware developer (ThunderByte AntiVirus in the 90's).
Currently enjoying life and developing energy management systems for sailboats.


E-mailspam@bait.voidThis is via my own private server. See my PGP-key for enhanced security
Matrix@frans:matrix.thefloatinglab.worldMatrix is a decentralized messaging system, compatible with Signal, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.
Fediverse@FransVeldman@fediverse.thefloatinglab.worldThe fediverse is a decentralized "Twitter alike" messaging system, sometimes also called "Mastodon".
PixelfedMy Pixelfed channelPixelfed is a decentralized "Instagram alike" picture sharing system.
PeertubeMy Peertube channelPeertube is a decentralized Youtube alternative.
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My Websites

www.thefloatinglab.worldTo be launched soon. Mostly technical stuf for sailboats.
www.resetthe.worldTo be launched soon. Compagnion site for my new book.
www.zwerfcat.worldOur sailing blog.
www.privatepilots.nlWe built our own airplane, the PH-DIY.
www.paardnatuurlijk.nlLots of info about keeping horses. Dutch only.
www.hoefnatuurlijk.nlLots of info about trimming horses' feet. Dutch only.

My self hosted public services

Most of these services are powered by green energy and run on some server in Iceland, a country known for its very strict privacy and free speech rules. Some of these services are open to the public, for some you need to make an account (drop me a note for approval).

searx.thefloatinglab.worldAn anonymous decentralized meta search engine with lots of options. No logging.
fediverse.thefloatinglab.worldMy fediverse ("Mastodon") instance.
element.thefloatinglab.worldElement is a matrix based messenger. Secure, decentralized, compatible with Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram, etc.
pixelfed.zwerfcat.worldPixelfed is a decentralized picture sharing application.
git.thefloatinglab.worldIf you don't know what GIT is you probably don't need it.
mail.fransveldman.nlI run a couple of mail servers. If you need a very private and secure email address, try to convince me.
www.torproject.orgMy TOR "ResetTheWorld" exit node. Statistics.
www.torproject.orgMy TOR "TheFloatingLab" relay node. Statistics.
www.torproject.orgMy TOR "FransVeldman" guard/relay node. Statistics.

My bank accounts

You want to pay to me? That's great! Use one of the accounts below. If you want to open an account on one of these banks, please use my referral link for a mutual reward!

Paypal@fransveldmanOpen account
Revolut@fransveldmanOpen account with reward
Wise@franciscusv102Open account with reward
Crypto@fransveldman$paystring.crypto.comOpen account with reward

PGP key

My PGP key is available via WKD and DNSSEC, as a downloadable file. Or you can simply copy it from below.



Fighting web abusers

Spammers beware! I have automated detection of email-harvesters, spammers and other abusers on all of my websites and services. Abusers will automatically be reported on public black lists.

Honey pot contributor
>10.000 IP's reported

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